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  When faced with a storage problem, many homeowners look to their attic or basement to store items they don’t regularly need. While both are good options, temperature conditions and the durability of the storage area need to be taken into consideration. For those who live in climates with bitter cold winters and sweltering hot summers, attics go through more severe temperature changes, which can affect the items in your attic.  Here are a few tips if you intend to use the attic as storage space.  Make sure the attic is properly insulated and ventilated. Insulation ensures the reduction of heat loss or gain by supplying a barrier between areas of significantly different temperature. A well-insulated attic not only protects your stored items, but also regulates the temperature of the house by maintaining the heat in winter and air conditioning in summer. Power Home Remodeling Group can create a custom plan for each homeowner using our exclusive Solar Eclipse insulation. Solar Eclipse insulation protects everything stored in your attic by reflecting the sun’s heat away from the attic.  Much like insulation, attic ventilation is equally important for safeguarding your items. If moisture comes into the attic, it can cultivate mold or mildew, causing stains and crumbling ceilings.  Proper ventilation prevents the attic space from becoming too humid and hot, protecting your items against damage.    Create a safe and easily accessible storage area. Attics can be tricky areas to access so it’s important to critically evaluate your entry point and the attic space you intend to use for storage. Ladders are usually the best way to access the attic so if your attic doesn’t have a built in ladder access panel, you may want to have one installed. You may also want to consider having a railing installed at the access area so you can more easily enter the attic.  Within the attic, you want to choose a storage area close to the attic access panel so you’re not climbing into unsafe areas. If your attic doesn’t have a proper floor, you may want to add one, such as sheets of plywood, to make it easier to get around and more durable. The flooring should be secured and weight restrictions calculated so you know how much you’re able to store in the attic. 
  Store only items that can tolerate some temperature change. When deciding what to store in the attic be sure to ask yourself how often you need the item. Seasonal items such as holiday decorations, sports or outdoor equipment, and suitcases are best suited for attic storage because they are not needed multiple times throughout the year. Never store candles, important paperwork, or delicate clothing items in the attic because these items are more susceptible to temperature changes. If you do store clothes in the attic, make sure they are packed in airtight containers so there is no risk of damage from humidity or heat.

  By following these attic storage tips you’ll keep your items safe and your attic intact. Plus, you’ll have more room in your home for those knick-knacks you’ve been eyeing.


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