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Whether you are choosing to do work on your home or you need to do work on your home, finding the right contractor can be stressful. With so many options, it can be hard to see through the noise and select the best partner for your specific job. Here are a few questions to consider during the vetting process. 

1. Do They Have the Right Insurance Coverage? Insurance is an essential component in selecting the right contractor. While you may have homeowners insurance, it only covers up to the value of the home. That means that if a worker is seriously injured at your home, you may be responsible for thousands of dollars in care. It is critical that you ask every contractor you interview for proof of insurance. If they say no or dance around the issue, it is a huge red flag. Power carries $5 million worth of insurance, taking any risk and liability off your shoulders. 

2. How Thorough is Their Communication? Communication is key for any process to be a success, but it is especially important when hiring someone to work on your home. You worked hard to buy your house and create a home, and you deserve to know exactly what’s happening, and when.  That’s why Power confirms appointment times, shows you all paperwork upfront, and provides you with a Project Manager that is available 24/7. We understand that we can’t make you happy unless we share, and confirm, information.  When selecting your contractor, ask yourself: how quickly do they answer and return your phone calls? When you speak with them, are they providing you with the information you’re asking for? Do they show up when they say they will? Lack of communication can lead to you taking off from work on the wrong day, having the wrong color siding delivered to your house, or having to pay more for items you thought were included. 

3. What Are People Saying in Reviews? We live in the “information age” and have access to more information than ever before, whenever we want it. Hiring a contractor is a perfect opportunity to use that information to your advantage. Before meeting a prospective contractor, search their company online to find out the company history, what previous customers are saying, and what their Better Business Bureau rating is. In your search, you may find red flags that will help you narrow down your list. A great resource for this is GuildQuality, a review site solely focused on the home improvement industry. 

4. Are They Asking for Money Upfront? Here’s a situation no one wants to be in: You select your contractor, pay them 1/3 of the project cost, and then they keep delaying installation day. You’ve already invested in this company so you feel obligated to stay with them, but have no idea when your project will be completed.  Unfortunately, many homeowners find themselves in this situation. But why would a company in good standing need money upfront? Can they not cover the cost of materials? Are they afraid you won’t be happy with their work and therefore won’t pay? Do they not trust a signed contract as a commitment to the project? 

At Power, we believe so strongly in our work that we install the entire project with no money down. That way, there’s no risk to you when working with us.  These tips will help you make the best decision for your home. Remember: whomever you choose should make you feel comfortable and confident in your project.


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