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  Every year, thousands of homeowners across the country pressure wash their vinyl siding to remove dirt, dust, and debris. Contrary to popular belief, power washing your home’s exterior can do more damage than good. Many homeowners find their siding worn or damaged after a power wash. Take closer look at the damage pressure washing can do to your siding, and learn about the safer and more effective alternatives to giving your home’s exterior a deep clean.    • Pressure washing could lead to discoloration of the vinyl, leaving it looking weathered and worn.  • Using the wrong pressure setting could pit the vinyl, causing structural or aesthetic damage.  • You can damage other parts of your exterior when you pressure wash, from the caulking around doors and windows to screens.  • Interior damage can occur if an improper pressure is used, blasting through your window and door frames and damaging the structure of your home.  • Pressure washing can lead to personal injury. If misused, you could sustain injuries such as cuts, abrasions, or water injection injuries from a power washer. Falls are also a common injury caused by people who try to use pressure washers on high ladders.  While a poor pressure washing job can ruin the appearance of vinyl siding in seconds, Power Home Remodeling Group offers the following methods to safely and effectively clean your vinyl siding.    • Cleansing vinyl siding by hand is the best and safest option to preventing damage. Use soap and warm water to gently wash away dirt and debris with a cloth or brush. Similarly, you can purchase a gentle solvent designed to clean outdoor surfaces to use with warm water and a cloth. • Save money by making your own solvent. Mix distilled white vinegar and water to create a gentle cleanser. Be sure to use distilled white vinegar, as any other sort of vinegar will not work as effectively and could leave a residue on the vinyl. • Foam washing has also become an alternative to power washing. A thick foam that contains biological cleansing agents is applied to a vinyl surface, breaking down dirt and grime. The foam is then rinsed off with a garden hose, leaving your vinyl siding cleansed and undamaged.  Vinyl siding is a gorgeous exterior home accent and with these tips, you should have no problem maintaining the beauty of your home’s exterior.


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