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  It’s the end of August…the time for buying school supplies, pulling out sweaters, and setting your fantasy football roster. It’s also the perfect time to take a look around your home and ensure that the heat of the summer hasn’t caused any damage. While we all know the damaging effects of winter weather, many times we overlook the damage that can be done throughout the hot summer months.  Below are a few things to look out for as summer comes to a close.  Roofing: Summer’s scorching heat can cause damage to your roof. Under the heat, your roof may split, chalk, or shrink, and your roof sealant can fail. These issues can lead to larger problems in the future such as rainwater slipping through the cracks and shingles becoming more susceptible to wind damage. At the end of the summer and winter, it’s important to have an inspector come out to ensure the sealant is working properly, no water has leaked through, and the shingles are securely in place.    Attics: As the roof heats up during the summer, so does the attic. This not only increases the temperature of the whole house, but also causes the underside of the roof to heat up, which can lead to failed roofing materials and brittle shingles. That’s why it’s important to have a well-ventilated attic. Take a climb up to your attic and look for any moist or peeling insulation, unpleasant smells, or cracks. These signs indicate you may be in need of a better ventilation system. Power Home Remodeling Group’s exclusive Solar Eclipse insulation may be just the thing you need.  Siding: Over time, the summer heat can cause vinyl siding to buck, fade, warp, and melt. Wood siding is also susceptible to the heat, causing it to expand and dry out, which creates cracks and breaks in the wood and sealants. If you live in an arid climate, damages like these can happen more quickly. Take a stroll around your house and look for any signs of damage to the siding.    Doors: With the summer heat comes humidity, which can wreak havoc on wooden doors. Humidity causes the wood to absorb water, making it expand and therefore no longer fit in the door frame. Go around the house and double check that all doors, especially the outside facing ones, are fitting properly in their frame. This is especially important as we approach the colder months, as an ill-fitting door may cause drafts, letting the heat out. To guard against water absorption, Power Home Remodeling Group’s doors are built with a composite casing around the frame that protects the insulated interior.  Air Conditioners: Your air conditioner works overtime during the summer, keeping you cool no matter how high the temperature gets outside. If you haven’t changed the filter yet this summer, be sure to do so to ensure the unit is working efficiently. During your stroll around the house, check the outside unit for any debris or landscaping interfering with the unit. You may also want to clean it with a hose to rid it of any dirt buildup.  While this list may seem overwhelming, remember that it’s better to find out about any issues before the intense weather of the winter months - if you are keeping up-to-date with your home maintenance you are less likely to have any additional issues. If you do find your home in need of any replacements, Power Home Remodeling Group can take care of you.  Enjoy these last long days of summer before heading indoors. Somehow, in a flash, another summer is coming to a close.


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