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  Siding provides your home’s exterior with a layer of protection and a layer of beauty. Power Home Remodeling Group can offer insight into some of the popular siding choices amongst homeowners.  Solid Wood – Wood siding (lap siding, vertical boards, shingles, and shakes) can provide your home with a luxurious look and, if maintained properly, a lifetime of security. The problem with solid wood siding is just that: a lot of difficult upkeep. Since wood expands and contracts throughout the seasons, problems like splitting and cracking can become irksome. For locations in which the atmosphere is high in moisture, wood siding is not recommended, due to an additional disposition towards mildew and rot in such environments.  Aluminum Siding – This second class of siding is extremely sturdy. It is offered in vertical and lap styles and comes in a number of colors, finishes, and textures. For example, one can find aluminum siding that is made to look like wood, providing the luxury appearance of wood siding without the hassle of upkeep. Most aluminum siding is force resistant (wind, dents, etc.), but over time can wear or rust. For that reason, this type of siding is not recommend in areas with significant precipitation.  There’s also the matter of noise pollution - in areas with high rainfall or heavy winds, the elements will “ping” off of this highly flexible metal.  Vinyl Siding – Vinyl has become the most popular type of siding due to its versatility, low cost and ease of maintenance. Power Home Remodeling Group has created a signature siding system designed to protect your home and make it more energy efficient while still providing a beautiful, modern exterior appearance for a lifetime.  Our PowerWall System is composed of three layers:  RainDrop, Neopor Insulated Foam and CedarTech. Each of these layers serve a specific purpose, but work together to create the best, most durable vinyl siding.    RainDrop is a building wrap specially designed to facilitate drainage by channeling water to run off the bottom of a wall. This helps prevent water buildup around the foundation of a home, avoiding problems such as flooding. RainDrop has a very high resistance to tearing and will protect your plywood sheathing from rotting and mold.   Neopor Insulated Foam is infused with small black beads of polystyrene containing particles of graphite, making it expandable, which allows it to provide greater performance. This technology will also prevent issues that can ruin the appearance of vinyl siding such as sagging, shifting, or warping.  CedarTech is the outer layer of vinyl siding. This layer provides your home with a beautiful, seamless exterior look that authentically mimics the look of real cedar plank board. Unlike lower quality siding, CedarTech requires virtually no maintenance and has a weatherproof surface, allowing it to protect your home from the elements while maintaining a beautiful appearance.  For more information about Power Wall or to see a complete color palette, schedule a free estimate with one of our remodeling consultants can discuss the details of your siding project!


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