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  Power Month for Alex’s is here! We are proud to announce our dedicated involvement in spreading awareness for one of the country’s leading foundations for childhood cancer research.  This June, each of Power’s 20 regional offices throughout the country will spend the month raising awareness and donations for this inspiring cause. Our employees, as well as our amazing customers, recognize the importance of organizations like Alex’s Lemonade Stand, and want to help fight in the battle against childhood cancer. Since 2011, our donations have helped fund more than 475 research projects into new forms of childhood cancers, as well as clinical trials of new treatments that help stop cancer in its tracks.  This year, our employees are proudly distributing information about Alex’s Lemonade Stand to all of the homeowners we work with. We will also be participating in a number of planned activities. From answering phones at the annual Alex’s Stand For Hope Telethon at CBS Studios in Philadelphia, to office lemonade stand competitions throughout the country, an annual charitable golf outing with 275 guests and sponsors, and visits to children’s hospitals in every region we operate – we are ready and prepared to help win this fight.  The fundraising will begin on June 2nd with our annual kick-off event, featuring Tosha Morris, mother of Gavin and Greyson Morris. At age 2 1/2, Gavin was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Tosha and her loving husband, Chad, worked tirelessly to find Gavin the best care. 

  Gavin’s cancer went into remission for a time, but unfortunately came back. Gavin is no longer with us, but Tosha refers him as her hero on a daily basis, and continues to admire his ambition to always be himself, regardless of his condition. Throughout Gavin’s life and in his untimely death, Tosha has worked closely with the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and we are delighted to have her with us this year in our efforts to raise money for the foundation.  We are also honored to have Liz Scott, Alex’s mother and Executive Director of the Foundation, educate our staff on how their support affects real change.  Power Month for Alex’s is always a special and important time for us at Power Home Remodeling Group. We are proud to continue our work with Alex’s Lemonade Stand, and look forward to continuing the fight of this brave little girl. Click here to learn more about our relationship, and find out how you can get involved today.


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