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For the last five years, Power has been a proud partner of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF). Each June, we dedicate the entire month to raising awareness and funds that help ALSF in their fight to end childhood cancer. Throughout the month, employees in our 11 offices participate in a variety of activities, including kickball tournaments, children’s hospital visits, and lemonade stands.  Power’s relationship with Alex’s is unique in that the majority of our donations come from employee giving. Last year, employees accounted for 84% of our $250,000 donation. It is a true testament to our people that each year Alex’s Month is an even bigger success. To learn more about how Alex’s uses the donations they receive, please check out life hands you lemons, make lemonade.  This year, we’re engaging our employees and communities in a new way. Think about the people you come in contact with every day – the woman in front of you at the supermarket, the school bus driver, the waiter. Every one of them is dealing with their own “lemons.” You may not know it, or be able to see it, but the lemons are there. Each day, we have an opportunity to take those lemons and “make lemonade.”  We’re challenging our people to do just that through random acts of kindness. Whether it’s buying coffee for the person behind you in line, baking cookies for the office, or sending flowers to a coworker who helped you, we all have a chance to make people forget about their lemons for just a little while. Then, we’re asking the person who received “lemonade” to pay it forward or donate to ALSF. This will create a chain reaction that spreads goodwill throughout our offices and beyond.  Check out the creative ways we’re making lemonade by following #ALSFMakeLemonade. Alex Scott, founder of ALSF, proved that one person could make a difference. Imagine what we can do together. 



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