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Winter is upon us, and so comes the need for homeowners to keep their home as warm and energy-efficient as possibly. Here are some great tips to help you manage your energy bills and your use of energy this winter.  Windows: The U.S. Department of Energy has stated that 10% of air leaks in homes occur due to poorly installed windows and proper weather stripping is a big part of that equation. Your local hardware store will sell a variety of weather-stripping options, however, if your windows are older, it might be time to replace them. If you choose to go down this path, be sure to place equal importance on both form and function, as investing in an energy-efficient option, like Power Home Remodeling Group’s vinyl replacement windows, can save you hundreds each month on your energy bills.  Hot Water Heater: One of the most tried and true methods to saving money on your energy bills this winter is to turn down your hot water heater. Adjusting the temperature by 10 degrees can significantly decrease your bill – a minor sacrifice that is simple enough to make. It’s also important to flush your hot water heater to clear our particles and sediment that can collect over time, as these particles can hinder the efficiency of your unit. Simply flush water through the drain valve to keep your heater functioning at its best.  Gutters:  It is extremely important to make sure water can flow freely through your gutters, especially throughout the winter when snow and ice are settling on your roof. When the snow melts, it is going to need a place to flow off of your roof. Power offers a solution in our gutter guards, which prevent buildup in gutters, allowing water to flow without becoming clogged. These gutter guards fit over your existing setup, making them extremely cost efficient!  Curtains & Drapes: You wear longer, heavier clothing in the winter - your home should do the same. Installing drapery around your windows can help to keep heat inside a room and the colder air outside. During the day, let the sunlight in to boost the warmth in your home, but be sure to keep them closed at night.  Insulation: Insulation helps to reduce homeowners’ heating costs, and proper insulation will effectively distribute heat throughout the winter and block the cold air from entering the home. At Power, we offer a superior insulation that combines elements of blown-in insulation and high density reflective insulation to recycle warm air throughout your home in the winter. Solar Eclipse insulation can save homeowners a great deal on their heating costs and may be a great option for your home this winter!


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