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This time of year we all find ourselves reflecting on what was, looking towards the possibilities of what will be, and making resolutions to do things differently. It’s an exciting time, full of opportunity and fresh starts. As we think about “refreshing” for the upcoming year, let’s not neglect the space we should feel most comfortable: our homes.  If you’ve lived in your home for a few years, it most likely no longer has that fresh, just-moved-in energy. But there’s no need to move to get that feeling back. With a few small changes, this New Year you can have your home feeling like new again, rejuvenating you every time you walk through the door.  1. Fresh Paint Nothing makes a room feel different and clean like a fresh coat of paint. Whether you switch up the color or touch up what’s already there, a paint job can bring a new energy and style to an old room. Don’t feel pressured to do the whole house – just tackling one or two rooms will give the house that fresh feeling you’re looking for. Image Source: Elle Decoration  2. Rearrange Furniture Give a room an upgrade simply by rearranging what’s already there. If the furniture is set squarely against the walls, change it to a diagonal layout. Try moving area rugs or end tables to give the room a new look, or switch out the coffee table books and update the magazine selections. Have some old family photos in the frames? Order those photos that have been sitting on your computer for months and update the frames.  3. Replace your Front Door While this isn’t an interior change, a new front door provides your home with renewed curb appeal that will make you smile every time you drive up. Adding sidelights can also increase the natural light in your foyer, breathing new life into your entryway.    4. Update Lighting Fixtures and Hardware Changing the lighting fixtures, light switches, or plates is an inexpensive way to refresh the look of your home.  You may not even notice them now, but light switches and plates are often painted over or mismatched. Purchasing new ones that reflect your home’s overall style can unify the home. And don’t forget to look up: replacing a light fixture can give an old room new life.   5. Add a New Style of Window It may not be the first item that comes to mind, but changing the style of your windows can open up the room to new possibilities. Replacing a single double-hung window with multiple windows, or even a bay window, not only adds more light to the room, but also changes how you can use the interior space. The new space could be used for plants, a window seat, or a space to show off your collection of knick-knacks. It may seem small, but a new window can provide flexibility in how you use your space.   Whether you repaint your entire home or replace your kitchen light fixture, start 2016 committed to refreshing your home. When you walk in the door, you want to feel energized and inspired in mind, body, and soul. These small, refreshing changes can help you capture that feeling, making it easier to stick to the rest of your resolutions.


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