With the first day of spring now here and renovation projects in full gear, a recent study by Remodeling Magazine reveals that home improvement projects that specifically focus on improving the home’s exterior and curb appeal will make it more marketable when they are placed for sale.

Did you know homes use about one third of all the energy we consume in the U.S.? The need to go green at home becomes more important each day. Homes built before 1980 have insufficient insulation, old dishwashers waste up to 6,700 gallons of water per year (enough to run an efficient dishwasher for seven years), and old, single-pane windows can cost you hundreds on energy bills due to air leaks. 

Sustainability at home can still seem pie in the sky if you don’t know where to start, but changing even the simplest habits can make a huge impact.  For example, every ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees and 7,000 gallons of water from being contaminated with chemicals, so recycling household items really does make a difference.

At Power, we’ve embraced going green and are proud to have made it a focus of our business – we even won Door & Window Manufacturer magazine’s Green Product Award in 2011. Sustainability is important to us not only because it is essential to our planet, but also because the energy efficient products we sell and the techniques we employ at our organization have helped save customers tens of thousands of dollars annually. Household savings after tweaking your home with key energy efficient home improvements can be as much as a whopping $1,500 annually in extreme cases.