Every year, thousands of homeowners across the country pressure wash their vinyl siding to remove dirt, dust, and debris. Contrary to popular belief, power washing your home’s exterior can do more damage than good. Many homeowners find their siding worn or damaged after a power wash. Take closer look at the damage pressure washing can do to your siding, and learn about the safer and more effective alternatives to giving your home’s exterior a deep clean.

A wet basement is a problem – yet many homeowners may not be aware that moisture is even present in their basement. Most often, this occurs from natural elements such as rain, snow, or rising groundwater seeping through holes and cracks in your home’s foundation. 

In basements that aren’t commonly used and independent from your living spaces, this may not present a problem. Many basements, however, are connected to the rest of the house through ductwork and other openings.  Furthermore, basements are increasingly used as finished living spaces. In these instances, moisture issues can lead to significant health problems, as molds and mildew can grow in damp carpets and beneath wall coverings.

Fortunately, Power Home Remodeling Group offers solutions to these common problems – check below for our best tips on how you can protect your basement from flooding and moisture damage.

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