Homeowners who actively choose to remodel their homes with energy efficiency in mind are helping to contribute to a greener planet, as well as contributing to the effort to create a more sustainable future on a national and global scale. 

According to Energy.gov, “The 115 million residences in America today collectively use an estimated 22.5% of the country’s energy.” Unfortunately, a lot of that energy is wasted through old or improperly installed windows, doors, insulation and other remodeling products. Thousands of dollars are wasted on a yearly basis, pumping energy into homes that are not equipped to utilize all of that energy.

Power Month for Alex’s is here! We are proud to announce our dedicated involvement in spreading awareness for one of the country’s leading foundations for childhood cancer research.

This June, each of Power’s 20 regional offices throughout the country will spend the month raising awareness and donations for this inspiring cause. Our employees, as well as our amazing customers, recognize the importance of organizations like Alex’s Lemonade Stand, and want to help fight in the battle against childhood cancer. Since 2011, our donations have helped fund more than 475 research projects into new forms of childhood cancers, as well as clinical trials of new treatments that help stop cancer in its tracks.

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